What is CREDO Recovery?

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to present the redemptive relationship found in Christ, teach spiritual disciplines for developing personal devotion to God through Jesus Christ and encourage love of self and others through Christian Community.

CREDO Weekends

Credo weekends have speakers, discussion time, prayer and meditation, as well as music, meals, snacks, friendship and more. It is difficult to pit unto words what makes these 3 days so exceptional; maybe it is that the foundation of it all is God’s unqualified love for us.

Peace & New Life

Our foundation for recovery is reliance on Jesus Christ, forgiveness and healing. Whether you are struggling with overcoming unhealthy habits or well on the road to living free, you can grow in extraordinary ways through IL Credo Recovery. We believe that everyone who takes part in it will be positively impacted by this powerful experience.

Latest News & Updates

A celebration of love, Looking at the life and ministry of the guest of honor;Terry Tague

I have known Terry Tague for over 10 years.  I’m sure some of you have known him a lot longer and some not quite so long.  But I know that we all can agree that Terry is a solid man of God with a servant’s heart second only to one and that is the Lord

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Welcome a new member to the Credo board

We would like to welcome a new member to the Credo board.  The position of Treasurer became open when Herman Johnson resigned to move closer to family.  In his absence the board has elected Randy Reints to be our new treasurer.   His first major task was the Credo fundraising banquet.     Great job

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Our brother in Christ has gone on to be with the Lord

SPECIAL Prayer request The founder of the CREDO Recovery Ministry, Frank Rocks, has died and went on to be with the Lord Tuesday. The story of how Credo was introduced to the Rockford area is truly a God event. More info in the Courier Post Paper You can send your cards of condolence to Frank’s wife, Janet Rocks at:

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If you or someone you know can benefit from a Credo Recovery Weekend...