Start on the Road to Recovery
Walking alongside those who seek to stop addictive behavior as they encounter and follow Jesus
Start on the Road to Recovery
Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind. ~ Romans 12:2
Start on the Road to Recovery
I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. ~ Philippians 4:13

Our Purpose

To present the redemptive relationship found in Christ, teach spiritual disciplines for developing personal devotion to God through Jesus Christ, and encourage love of self and others through Christian Community.

Peace & New Life

Our foundation for recovery is reliance on Jesus Christ, forgiveness and healing. Whether you are struggling with overcoming unhealthy habits or well on the road to living free, you can grow in extraordinary ways through Illinois Credo Recovery. We believe that everyone who takes part in it will be positively impacted by this powerful experience.

Upcoming Weekends

Credo weekends have speakers, discussion time, prayer and meditation, as well as music, meals, snacks, friendship and more. It is difficult to put into words what makes these three days so exceptional; maybe it is that the foundation of it all is God’s unconditional love.

Men's Weekend

Spring 2022 Weekend: May 12 - May 15
Fall 2022 Weekend: Sept 15 - Sept 18

Women's Weekend

Spring 2022 Weekend: April 28 - May 1
Fall 2022 Weekend: Aug 25 - Aug 28

Breaking the chains of addiction by encouraging love for God, for self and others through Christian community


Dedicated community of believers giving of themselves for the benefit of others.
Some people might not like the changes in me. I'm okay with it as I just heard yesterday, if God loves me for hating what the world's trying to teach, isn't that better than the world loving me and God hating me?
Credo changes lives by showing the love, grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.

News & Notes

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4th Day Connection & Support

Men's Gathering

This meeting is open to all men; you do not need to have attended a CREDO weekend. We have good fun, food , music and teachings.