About the Weekends

Many of the people that come to the Credo Recovery Weekend have felt that they were unable to break free from addictions, which had taken over their will and stolen their freedom.

However, during the Weekend each person is flooded with the amazing grace of God and begin making honest steps toward recovery and transformation. 

Invariably, during the Weekend Retreat, participants are awakened to the idea that addictions have oppressed their true desires, and affected their judgement. During those initial three days they recognize from the instruction and the testimonies of recovering addicts, that God is offering them a fresh start and holy solution – a new life. They realize that their hands, hearts, minds and attention have been warped by additions, addictions which have filled up the spaces where God’s unconditional love is intended to flow.

As the participants begin to understand that God is offering them divine freedom, they take the tools offered during the Weekend Instruction and use them to achieve their breakthrough.

After the Weekend Instruction, the Credo Community remains steadfastly loyal, providing the needed support and encouragement during weekly follow-up activities.

The three-part Credo Process For Recovery was adapted from the Cursillo & Kairos Methods

A carefully trained team prepares to conduct a three-day period of initial instruction.

The three days of instruction are conducted on Thursday evening, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The instruction is gender specific. Men teach men, and women teach women.

Weekly follow-up meetings provide support and accountability.

Participant Requirements


Clean & sober for at least 30 days. (Please note: Sobriety time and/or regulations for weekend passes at treatment facilities take precedence over any Credo Recovery requirements.)

Clear Weekend

You agree to clear your schedule from 6pm Thursday to 6pm Sunday to fully participate in the weekend.

Upcoming Weekends

Registering for any future weekend does not guarantee attendance to it. Registration for the weekend is limited to 30 registrants, and each registration is recorded by date received. Any registration received after the 30-person limit has been reached will be put on a waiting list for the next scheduled weekend. Your registration can be withdrawn by you anytime. As the weekend draws near, you will be contacted to confirm your interest in attending.

Men's Weekend
Participant Application

Spring Weekend 2024: 4/04/24 - 4/07/24
Fall Weekend 2024: 11/07/24 - 11/10/24

Women's Weekend
Participant Application

Spring Weekend 2024: 4/11/24 - 4/14/24
Fall Weekend 2024: 10/24/24 - 10/27/24

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